Busta Rhymes - It Aint Safe No More

Текст песни Busta Rhymes - It Aint Safe No More

The surgeon general.. of the flipmode squad..

Has determined.. that the sounds you about to hear..

Can be devestatin.. to your ear.. to your mind..

To your body.. to your souuuuuuuuuuuuuullll!

[chorus: flipmode + meka]

You better, pack up your bags, better get out of town

Cause when the God come you know he gon be puttin it down

Everything we do be blowin, better get on the ground

It aint safe no more, it aint safe no more (nigga)

He keeps it wicked by creatin the sound

That make the people wanna spaz til they give him the crown

Fuck around youll turn up missin just to never be found

It aint safe no more, it aint safe no more (nigga)

[verse one]

Bodiesll turn up missin, I promise you need to listen

Abolish the need for bitchin, I polish and shine and glisten

Demolishin while Im whistlin, astonished while youre witnessed

Hardest to smash another artist son, regardless if it is

A nigga who think he the greatest son Ill lock him in the fridge

And hang him from both of his ankles when we drop him from the bridge

Blockin your paper really stoppin that dude from gettin his

Poppin the safe and splurgin, havin the crew up in the crib

Block til these niggaz havin em rockin gargle with a bib

Shittin and fartin, spittin and vomitin all in the crib

Fallin into shock from the bullets we shot up in they ribs

Hot up the block and blew up the spot and got up out the mix

Tried it a couple stops and spotted the squad up in they whips

Plotted and then I signed on the dotted line and made a wish

Return us even the hardest makin you garbage niggaz sit

The smartest now you a target only the heartless niggaz win


[verse two]

You cant believe can you, Im callin my dog nathaniel

And ballin with all my mans youll be blowin and all will hand you

Accordingly or disorderly bullets are sure to bang you

Considerably my 9 milli hit you at any angle

Shootin, shootin, shootin - high, low, verticle or horizontal

And if you were makin plans I do think you gon have to cancel

Sorry I had to ask you, save it I have to blast you

Takin a chance to laugh from you makin the masses gas you

So now you thinkin that you tough and that we cant get at you

Change up your mind and leave you stiffer than a massive statue

Tired of talkin need to use all your precautionary measures

Washin off the blood haulin the water force of steady weather

You can handle it or you cant, it be only gettin better

Like a candle, we burn your chandles and make you feel the pressure

Cockin it back, articulatin the flow just like a lecture

Break it down and rebuildin the flow, now peep the architecture


It aint safe.. in the current state.. of our democracy

Terrorism.. motherfuckers bombin new york.. shit is crazy

It aint safe no more!

All these rappin niggaz goin at other rappin niggaz heads

Shit is crazy! but most importantly..

The most unsafe thing.. is that.. niggaz aint seein, the God comin

Watch where you walk!

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