Cam ron - Do Ya Thing (Remix)

Текст песни Cam ron - Do Ya Thing (Remix)

[Cam'Ron: Intro]
This is a remix (remix, remix)
DIPSET! KILLA CAM! DUKE DA GOD! (remix, remix)

[Cam'Ron: Verse 1]
I make cheddar that's cheddar, you gotta say bravo
Ma mess with me, I'm better than lotto
Got more than a million, fuck a dollar and a dream
You don't even need a dollar, holla at the team
Chicken, cornbread, collared on your greens
Mansions, cars, Prada on your jeans
Hell in Harlem, I'm poppin' up in Queens
Brooklyn, the Bronx, hoppin' on the scene
And you're not from the regime, and I'm popular with fiends
No gossip they cop it, crotched up in a lean
Cars I cop it, crotched up and I lean
Seventy five, dropped it on a Beam
And you love the way I'm bouncin' it, weed I roll a pound of it
Ya'll niggaz are counterfeit, money I stay countin' it
Throw a punch and I counter quick, down to flip
Beef I love the sound of it, your crib'll be surround in it

DO YA THING, DO YA THING, DO IT (4x) [this is the remix]
More killing killing, more killing killing, for Killa Killa (4x)

[Cam'Ron: Verse 2]
Yes honey got money, yea my money is right
But my wrist so bright, look like ?Sunny Delight'
Twenty K times twenty, times twenty the price
You don't do math, eight million in ice
And yea, I got more to tell must be bored as hell
Electronic jewelry, I need a ?Duracell'
Battery triple A, where the icicles lay
And beat you with a wiffle bat, all over a nickel play
Girlfriend, my girlfriend got the nickel plate
Right in the bra, it tickle her little nipples hey!(Hey!)
Juelz got the whistle AY! (AY!)
Me, I got the whistle that whistle right through the pistol K!
And this is the chronicles of Killa (That's Killa)
And don't smoke cuz the chronic it'll kill ya
I'm a monster and gorilla, that'll conquer for the scrilla
You will get an invoice you vomit in the villa

DO YA THING, DO YA THING, DO IT (8x) [this is the remix]
More killing killing, more killing killing, for Killa Killa (4x)

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