Cam ron - Soap Opera

Текст песни Cam ron - Soap Opera

If only you knew could let me in
I no that love would begin
If only I could rap to you
I know this love would capture you

Yo my mommy toy was my pride and joy
She would drive the toys plus ride the boy
To supply the boys I got it live from croy
Yes a 9ner boy bought five in Boyce
Over the chick shit I shoot five with Roy
Now load the 4-5 shoot five a Roy
Aint like my job boy got on ploy
Lifestyle I enjoy but I'm the livest doy (doy)
A hustler and Cam famous you damn anus I don't know but I can't change this
Can't paint it pop it champagne it stop it car drop it and look dog damn paint it
She would throw a pout how I'm showing out how I'm out going
But don't be going out its things to know about when you got
Dough and cloud ways to move murder route baby girls close your mouth
Cause I feed you well every sneaker held you eat Louie
Shit Gucci and breath channel call log a fell acting like
gargle mouth front of car cop the cell in the bar stop at hell
Whats wrong with you she said whats wrong with you always got
a song to do can't get along that's true so I skipped marriage
bought her six carrots grab a dada then I live average

If only you knew could let me in
I no that love would begin
If only I could rap to you
I know this love would capture you

Yo, yo uh looking back on school art and crafts
Fuck after staf beat up after class
I was like Dr. Dre though I have to laugh
Nigga with a attiude meet me after math
Had a half and half now the drink two chicks
That's a acid fast the half a taf
You could axe or ask I would dash and laugh
You after me huh I'm after cash
Im on I-80 though with my baby
Whole ride hazy tell her don't drive crazy
I got plans for you look in the sky baby
Fuck saving me Mrs. Smith you the pie lady
Fly lady G to fly baby gee you why baby
Please boo what's your size crazy
Don't want it when I'm in a foreign
Ulmin drop top my charmin is alarmin
I was alerting her just to reinsert in her
That I will leave earth with her
I can't interpret her
She got mad I leant over and (?)her
Said when I do dope wit her
The only time I flirt with her
Not to be V.I but this is B.I (B.I)
Me and G.I be watched by the P.I's
See why we can't finish together
I'd rather do business the pleasure
And that's real (killa)


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