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Rush Rush get the yayo
buzz buzz skin the yayo
rush rush got the yayo
go go sell the yayo

Her 90 carrots killa
yes i flip that white pudding
but i swear i wish i met dwight gooden
to show him that my pitch is better
bring strawberry dogg i'll be rich forever
shit, them two niggas coppin bricks or better
hit the cellular how u want it whipped or regular
and tell ya white girls about my white girl, shit im part of the reason its a white world
dont sniff too hard though, u might hurl
what u deal with is usually average
im the husband the movie traffic
frankie flowers lose the faggot
uz i blast it veteran biz
got it three points lower than whatever it is
cocalize or bowd away
at the crib got a open face coke buffet

Rush Rush get the yayo
buzz buzz skin the yayo
rush rush got the yayo
go go sell the yayo

When u sniff it, it start at ya brain
shiimmy down ya heart and ya frame
get scared start to complain
where u get it from i charter the plane
alot of yall is lackin in knowledge
solid liquid back to a solid
manhattan or hollis, after is polished
hit the strip dogg kept crack in the wallet
different towns i push the rock heffer

roca way new rock or rodchester
and the shotty is cocked uh
rock ya body rock rock ya body rock
hot shots get hot shots and prolly drop
pop suckas pop make ya lobby hot
yea u want 8-0 grams
wait ol man
lay low fam
its the yayo man, aiiyo cam

Rush Rush get the yayo
buzz buzz skin the yayo
rush rush got the yayo
go go sell the yayo

i'm lookin at shorty
dog i see you new on the grind
russell crowe a beautiful line
just make sure my shoes on shine
if not bang dog 2 in ya spine
it's my strip my flip i'm movin the nine
here's a free sample do you a line
i whipp whipp yay flip flip yay
never sniff hey
that's a no no yo
i dont get down
that's no go ho
cars yeah i whip those candies
i dish dont sniff nose candy
miami i'm like a husky
you might get musty
the price is lovely
i ice a rugby
you like to love me
i make wifeys slice they hubby


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