Catch 22 - arm to arm

Текст песни Catch 22 - arm to arm

Another fucking day, it's still a nine to five, I swear.
I don't want to reach the top.
I don't want to be a millionare.
I know that it may sound crazy, but it's driving me insane.
Staring out the window of another fucking train.

We're walking arm to arm.
I won't follow.
Arm to arm.
I won't lead.
Arm to arm.
Beside me until tomorrow.
Arm to arm.
You're walking arm to arm with me.

I'm feeling kind of homesick when I smell the old pine tree.
I felt you in the breeze, I close my eyes, it's not so easy for me.

Once or twice, three times a charm.
We were walking arm to arm.
I wanted that for so damn long, but now it's gone.
I've never been so wrong.
Drop me a line.
Tell me everything that I've been missing.
Won't you drop me a line.
Tell me where you're gonna be when I get home.
2000 years more won't end this war, my brother.
Half empty, half full.
You're pushing, I'm pulling.
Back in '96, sometimes I sit and reminisce.
Took the train to Hoboken, I didn't know it then, but that is when I found my place outisde this so-called structured life.
Married to my only love and music is my wife.


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