Catch 22 - Bad Party

Текст песни Catch 22 - Bad Party

So I submit you’ve failed us twice.

Once is for your brothers.

One is for your brothers and the second’s for your sons.

Isolation, mis-education; and for very clever there is looming liquidation.

You put the light of Socialism high up on a shelf

and in effect prevented it from spreading somewhere else.

What have you done? What do you say top those who’ve died along the way?

Should you tell them that they’ve died in vain?

Now is when we should all be moving forward, but instead you’re falling back.

Don’t stop now when we’re almost up the mountain, though the view here mighty seem nice.

Expatriate one hundred and then shoot a thousand more.

Expel the opposition to your centrist Thermidor!

The rudeness and disloyalty about which Lenin spoke (says wrote in song)

have now become the cords that are wrapped around your throats.

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