Cent - Build You Up

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[Jamie Foxx – singing]
La la lahh, la la la la la la la lahh

[50 Cent – talking]
Yeah, uh huh, I like how the way that feel

[Chorus – 50 Cent]
I'll build you, but if ever I fall down
And I need you to pick me up
Promise me, you'll be around
Hold me down, I'll build you up

[50 Cent – Verse 1]
Listen, if you let me, I'll be the reason you shine
It's the secret, I want the world to know that your mine
But on some real shit, communications could be better
So I'm writing this song instead of a love letter
They gon' play it on the radio a hundred times a day
I figure when you hear it you gon' stop and think of me
I wanna get to know you, and be the reason you smile
Girl you know where I'm from, you know how I get down
When times get tough, tell me that I'm special
Not rap, I mean me, that I'm special
You know they say diamonds are a girl's best friend
Precious stones, could you put me before them?
If so, I'll see to it they always around
Nothing but the best, now how does that sound?
If I drop a jewel when we talk you can keep it
Girl you on my mind all the time, that's a secret (shhh…)

[Jamie Foxx – Chorus]
Baby I build you up
Girl, if I, never show, I'd have you by my side
Oooohhhooohhh yeah

I'd build you up
Girl I, need to know for sure you're mine
I need to know for sure, right now
Girl, if I, never show, I'd have you by my side
I'd build you up
Girl I, need to know for sure you're mine

[50 Cent – Verse 2]
I thinkin' 'bout you thinkin' that you feel the same way
Or is it just my imagination that get runnin' away?
If you ready to ride, girl, c'mon, let's roll
G-5-5 fly, ma, let's go
It's hard to measure the pleasure of havin' you in my presence
You're smile makes me smile, I'll show you my style
You can shop a little bit, I'll pick out some shit
One pair at a time 'til your shoe game sick
Now who knows what the future holds we'll be together probably
For, better or worse, like Whitney & Bobby
If you wanna play house, we can play house then
But wait, why pretend when you can move in?
Before I be your buddy in bed let me be your best friend
Girl, it's more than lust, I want your trust
You keep it real with me, I keep it real with you
'Cuz I know wit' you by my side there's nothing I can't do, yeah

[Jamie Foxx – Chorus]
Baby, girl, if I, never show, I'd have you by my side
I'd build you up
Girl I, need to know for sure your mine
Build you up, baby, when you're down,
Cuz your smile, like a frown, yes I will
I'm gon build you up baby
La la lahh, la la la la la la la lahh [repeat 8x]

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