Cent - Im A Rider

Текст песни Cent - Im A Rider

Feels good

[Verse 1]
I might be the crookest nigga movin' around with 3 felonies
I get a laugh at all the bullshit niggas be tellin' me
My hood full of niggas like Marky and Bill Bellamy
Them funny niggas will get ya, so keep the heat with ya
It's Ferrari
Nigga, my name hold weight, like a diesel nigga on a bitch pressed up state
Here's my number, 94R6378
In case you thought the shit I say in my line's fake
I make a mess in the mess hall - cause a brawl
Caught you catchin' no charge; oh God
Why's my life so hard?
Cause I ain't book-smart, they think I'm a retard
No, I dont know much about the French I talk
All I know is when that drama pop off, these pussies is shook
This is Rikers Island pain talk; your phone time’s my chalk
My time is my time, and your time's mine, punk
Cut you from ear to ear, [?]

I'm a rider
Wherever I'm in or out, I'm me
Whether I'm locked or I'm free
Whatever I'm at, I'm who I be
You know you wanna be a rider like me

I'm a rider
Wherever I'm in or out, I'm me
Whether I'm locked or I'm free
Whatever I'm at, I'm who I be
You know you wanna be a rider like me

[Verse 2]
Any nigga with a glass jaw gotta get his shit cracked
Soon as I touch the bricks, I bust a clip and take the strip back
Give me [?] money for a week; I could flip that
They had my face while I'm juxin' you when I push your shit back
[?] used to carry billy clubs, Trey-eight slugs
Now they carry nines but I got hollows in mine
I see my homies on the corner, burnin' a dutch
Take a [?]; next thing you know, I'm [?] fucked up
Every Tuesday I'm in parole, listenin' to niggas
Lyin' through they teeth 'bout how they holdin' fingers
You make police contact? (Nope)
Stayin' out of trouble? (Nope)
Got a job yet? (Nope)
I'm still sellin' dope
I'm just playin' [?]
Let me piss in a cup
And I got shit I gotta do; you really fuckin' me up
See you, I could talk to you; you know what's up
All that drug program shit be slowin' me up


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