Cent - The World

Текст песни Cent - The World

feat. Governor

{*set to B.I.G.'s "The World is Filled..." instrumental*}

[50 Cent]
Yeah... 50 Cent, uh-huh
Governor, G-G-G-G-G-Unit~!

She ain't that chick from the burbs that's a stranger to drama
She that Uptown Girl with the cock at the sauna
Went out her way to let her know that I want her
I told her I - know fo' sho' we belong together
And I wouldn't break her heart, my intentions are better
And I, shared the same dreams she had about cheddar
When the D's came she was down to hold the baretta
I got a thing for babygirls, me and her against the world

[Governor - singing]
We used to think the same schemes, with the same dreams in mind
10'll bring you back 20 if the crook is on time
And she knows daddy loves to eat
Take a seat and let my baby rub my feet
She was a clear thinker, with a plan to rule the world
But understandin her place is my girl
Talk about hardcore, to win she'd give her life
Or shoot to kill, to protect this life

[Chorus: Governor]

The world will hear, what's really goin on, in my life - my life
The world will see, what was really down down, in my life - my life
If you only knew, the pain I feel; if you only could feel the streets is real
If they only knewwwwww, what's goin onnnnnnn, yeah~!

[50 Cent]
You're sunshine, your smile make my day
It's simple - your dimple your eyes
Your lips, your thighs, got me hypnotized
Communication's deep, I love it when we talk
Hate it when you leave but when you leave I love to watch you walk
You make a nigga forget about a life full of drama
She got expensive taste, she get it from her momma
Materialistic; still a nigga want her
Consistantly missin her touch when she gone, uhh
She smell like Chanel, she feelin me and I can tell
With the right woman by my side I feel like I can't fail
I've been around been up and down my attitude is fuckin ass
She a rider, I'm in heaven when I'm inside her
Workin up a sweat, kissin on her neck, "12 Play" in the deck
Fo'play correct, have her drippin wet
She looked in my eyes and say she like it but I know she love it
I just keep doin what I'm doin and think nuttin of it

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

{*abruptly ends halfway during the last line of the Chorus*}

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