Cher - Love is The Groove

Текст песни Cher - Love is The Groove

In the east and in the west

Every bird will seek its nest

Everyone will seek its home

Home is where the heart goes

And the moon will rise and fall

And the light will touch the tide

Are we holding hands and never feeling?

All around the world we sing

Like a penny in a spin

Always looking for the way

To get out, to get in


Love is the groove in which we move

Love is the groove in which we move

Love is the groove in which we move

In the alleys o monsay

In the streets of katmandu

On the high roads of peru

People meet and touch and go

But the wind of change will blow

And another dance will start

And Ill finally get the point

Like an arrow to my heart


Look back wheres the sea

Who brought this mystery?

Deep in another world

Someone is listening

And they as with night

And we keep asking why

Look back theres the key

Deep in another life

On this ship in which we sail

Everything is possible

Keep on turning like a star

Till you get to where you are

If I promise not to laugh

Will you promise not to cry?

Will you promise not to let this life

Slip by?


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