Christina Aguilera - Intro

Текст песни Christina Aguilera - Intro

A very pleasant good evening ladies and gentlemen
It is now time...
The one and only...
There never will be another...
Christina Aguilera
That's how music should sound

Ohh yeah
I've waited for some time
To get inside the minds
Of every legend I've ever wanted to stand beside
It's like an endless ride
Feeling the lows and highs
Of every lyric and melody
Every single rhyme
So here I stand today
In tribute I do pay
To those before me who laid it down and paved the way
And so to God I pray that he will give me strength
To carry forward the gift of song in his good faith

In his good faith...

I'm going back to basics
To where it all began
I'm ready now to face it
I wanna understand
What made the soul singers
And the blues figures
That inspired a higher generation
The jazz makers, and the ground breakers
They gave so much of themselves and dedication

So here I stand today
In tribute I do pay
To those before me who laid it down and paved the way

Ohhh yeah
hey... ha

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