Christina Aguilera - Right man

Текст песни Christina Aguilera - Right man

The Right Man

So many years have gone by
Always strong, tried not to cry
Never felt like I needed any man
To comfort me in life
But I'm all made up today
A veil upon my face
But no father stands beside me
To give his bride away

Well I'm standing in the chapel
Wearing my white dress
I have waited for this moment
With tears of happiness
Here I leave behind my past
By taking the chance
I've finally found the right man

Thoughts racing fast through my mind
As I'm gazing down the aisle
That my future will mend the memories
Torn between father and child

My emotions overload
'Cause there is no hand to hold
There's no shoulder here to lean on
I'm walking all on my own

Here I go

Now I'm standing at four corners
To have and to hold
Now my love, you stand beside me
To walk life's winding road
And I owe it all to you
For taking the chance
You've shown me there's a right man
'Cause I never knew a right man

Well I'm standing in the chapel
Ready to confess
That I've waited for this moment
With tears of happiness
Now I leave behind my past
By taking the chance


(repeat 2x)

And one day my little girl
Will reach out her hand
She'll know I found the right man...

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