Christina Milian - I Need More

Текст песни Christina Milian - I Need More

[verse 1]
i can no longer see myself being the girl for u i used to se u've done so much to bring me down
when i think about how u treated me i nolonger need to try and be perfect for cuz now i see im
just something to throw around u were never down just misleading me

i need more than wat ur givin, wat ur givin i cant take no nore of being second in line in ur
eyez heard it all before, time to even the score it'll be a cold day in hell before u ever see ur
gurl shed another tear, boy u better hear me

[verse 2]

friends is the phraseu used to describe our relationship it was best for u so when the other
gurls come aroundu would have an out, to do tha do now i found in me the strength to say the hell
with u and let it be no more will i be sick and down or thinkin bout lovin u

i cant deny i miss u (cant deny i do) and i cant deny i wish u (wish u only knew) how to treat a
gurl who'd give her whole world to u but i understand u now u'll never appreciate somebody like me

[chorus 2x's]

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