Christina Milian - Last Call

Текст песни Christina Milian - Last Call

Hey what's up, you've reached Christina's answering machine.

Please leave me a message after the tone.
Thank you, bye.

[Verse 1]
When I met you I never through this would be something I'd have
to do
Cause from the beginning we knew you fell for me and I fell for you

We've broken up and then gotten back and then things fell through

The situation is changing and I'm facing nothing but the truth

We came so far but it's the same. It will never change
So now it's time to let this go
Don't try to call my home, no message at the tone
Don't want to hear your voice, that's why you're the reason

I won't pick up my telephone cause it happens every time
That I get you in my life, you let me down

So this has to be your last call you won't hear from me
Don't want you at all, so this is your last call

[Verse 2]
So now you know that I am not including you in chapter 2
And it hurts me so but now I know it's what I have to do
So you can stop callin' me and tellin' me there's still us or we

No thinking like that and now I won't come back cause now is bout

This time no more sorrys
I don't want you in my life
That's why I have to let you go

[Chorus 2x]

Your last call
Don't try now I move on with my life
We're not meant to be now you see and know why .

[Chorus 2x]

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