Christina Milian - Perfect

Текст песни Christina Milian - Perfect

Hello old friend
I never thought that I would see you again
Do you remember all of the time that we spent
So tell me why it came to an end
So now Im hopin maybe we could hook up and
Reminise, start again
I know you miss me holding your hand
So runnin into you aint be chance
So lets just

Spend a little time just me and you
Hang out hook up just us two
You feelin Im feelin you
Were perfect for each other cause weve known
Each other from before
Were friends but now we want much more
Wont hesitate cause now were sure
Were perfect for each other baby

Verse 2:
Have I been on your mind?
Cause Ive been thinking bout you all of the time
You left a big impression baby on me
I know you want the same thing I see
But dont you worry cause its standing right here
And we can still do all the things that we did
Like all the foolish silly games that we played
Just think about it baby we got it made
So lets just.

I, oh I
Think that you should know Ill never let you go
And I, and I
Will stay true will stay true to you

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