Chumbawamba - Act With Mother

Текст песни Chumbawamba - Act With Mother

M spells man, K spells kind, could somebody tell me is man kind?
Manking is saying, gotta say goodbye now, gotto say goodbye to mother earth
I mean, how could I ever say that to her?
She's my mother, and I love her, there's no other, mother earth, mother earth
I used to watch, watch with mother, I grew up with her
Now I'm grown up, I stand on my own two feet, but that's no reason to forget her
By acting with mother not against her
First second and third worlds can help each other

By sharing the load, we can bear the burden
By working together we can replant the garden
Mother nature can be a right bastard at times, but I reckon she's a whole lot cleverer than mankind. He might have more experience, especially in apathy. Well ask him or ask yourself, 'War, poverty, death, rape, and violence on our streets?' And he'll look at you blankly and say, 'Mindless'. Man made catastrophe and it's happening now, today, so we're right up shit creek without a paddle, without a boat even. Question, what are full of holes yet hold much water? Answer, people. People need each other, not money, not packaged shit, we need each other.
How to be nice to each other?
How to talk to each other?
How to live together again?
I reckon, peace means learning to live together again

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