Chumbawamba - Creepy Crawling

Creepy CrawlingChumbawamba4:03

Текст песни Chumbawamba - Creepy Crawling

What a wonderful world
What a wonderful world
A loose door-jamb, light left on
The oldest national lottery
Enter Johnny-go-darkly
Come to spoil my party
Smell of feces lingers
Echo of light fingers
Cold comfort blankets
Steeped in creeping anger
Flatfoot comes poking
Compounding my misery
Grinding pestle and mortar
Adding insult to injury
If only this, if only that,
If only in my guts
See my life before my eyes
Trampled underfoot
Creepy crawling
All the creeps go creepy crawling

Same thing every night
How can stealing candy from a baby seem alright?
What a wonderful world
What a wonderful world
Corvino, carrion crow
Skulking with his mobile
Slippery peat-bog eyes
Stick-on smiley smile
Small print like quicksand
Not a wooden leg to stand on
Sinking through my stomach
The ground beneath me gone
Free-fall, call Ophelia
Clutching at straw
Mixed with bloody feathers
From scruff of neck of crow
Johnny go! Johnny gone!
Too much drink in your tum-tum-tum
See this finger, see this thumb
See this fist and watch it come

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