Chumbawamba - Mr Heseltine Meets His Public

Текст песни Chumbawamba - Mr Heseltine Meets His Public

Mr Heseltine you drove into our town
The northern rain always drizzling down
Shoppers at the window stopped to look
As you signed another copy of your book
You have all the power
And you have all the wealth
We've got nothing... but ourselves
So we'll do away with leaders and bosses and police:
Reclaim our actions, rediscover our voices
Salvage our integrity, reassert our dignity.
Power in the heart of the community!
Mr Heseltine
We don't want power
and we don't want money
We're fighting for the right to decide
How the power and the wealth
Be equally divided...
Old people in Seacroft

Need money for bills
Single mums with kids
Want decent meals
And we all want new coats,
When all's said and done:
They're all worn out
From being walked upon...
There comes a time when we organise
When we take control of our daily lives
When we don't obey orders from authority
When we disbelieve the myths of Democracy
Mr Heseltine drove away
Two more appointments in the north today
Helpless and powerless
We join the queue for the metro bus
And Mr Heseltine I've up my mind:
I'll never give support to you and your kind

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