Clawfinger - 2 The Truth

Текст песни Clawfinger - 2 The Truth

speak the truth don't you dare lie to me
I've seen it all before you disagree
the way you always attack all the things that you say
the way your turn your back and then you walk away
shut your mouth and open up your eyes
you better take your time and try to realize
that no one's free from sin and when I look at you
I scream within WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
you raise yourself up to a higher degree and look down in disgust at our misery
you're no better than your enemy
but it's easy to hate what you just can't be
don't deny the fact that you're a mortal man
you can't escape from death when it's close at hand
don't sit upon a pedestal and raise your voice
if you're to deaf to listen to the peoples
truth tell me the truh the truth motherfucker
tell me the truth tell me the truth tell me the truth
the truth you sucker
you play us out and you take us all for fools
but I never understood who even made the rules
I'll make my stand against supermacy
cos hypocritical goverments threaten me

I know you ain't blind and I know you're aware
but your ego's to big for you to even care
the doors are wide open but your eyes are closed
you're unable to look any further than your nose
you open your mouth and all I hear is lies
you keep spreading your message that I despite
because the game you're playing is so easy to see
it's just another repeat of our history
you talk about peace it's a very strong word
it's always being said but it's never been heard
hi-tec weapons are here to reasure it
but I've never seen a time when they've done a shit for it
kick it to me now cos I just can't figure
take a small mistake and make a small one bigger
equality's a word have you ever even heard it
I guess not and you don't deserve it
turning your backs on the problems that surface
I get a feeling that you're doing it on purpose
your mide is SLIME so please resign
you can't control your own life don't try to tule mine

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