Clawfinger - 6. Evolution

Текст песни Clawfinger - 6. Evolution

Revelation part one
1.We're a superior lifeform
2.We think we're an intelligent race
3.We know that we've got all the right solutions
4.We've travelled to the moon and explored new ground in space
5.We've Improved and developed our senses
6.We've built up this land out of water and sand,and it looks so grand
7.We've created new logical groundbreaking thoughts and theories
8.We've got justice for all with blood on our hands

This is our evolution
and this is how we progress
Is this the final solution
Is this the way to success

Revelation part eight
8.we can cure our diseases
7.We believe we're the state of the art
6.We know that our specie's so special
5.We think that we're incredibly smart,what good is smartness without any heart?
4.We know how to run our machinery
3.We know how to get the job done,but we're not concerned with the outcome
2.We're naive to believe that we've come to the right conclusion, revolution
1.will we ever find the right solution

This is our evolution
and this is how we progress
Is this the final solution
Is this the way to success
Is this the way to success

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