Clawfinger - Armageddon Down

Текст песни Clawfinger - Armageddon Down

Eve and Adams apple pie was the start of our creation
and Beegeesus was brought to life by the holy masturbation
Josef and Mary Christmas mess gave birth to the son of a bitch
and the three wise guys they came along to make Beegeesus rich
Old grandpa Satan went to Helen then he took her right back
he said i'm gonna get on down with it and make this lady fat
he committed the act of godomy with this satanic nun
and out came a child all wet and wild call Belsebubblegum

Some saints are and some saints ain't by far as sane as me
Some saints are and some saints ain't by far as sane as me
Armageddon with it, Armageddon down with it

Beegeesus turned water into wine and then he made a deaf man blind

he fed the mass with fish and bread and then five thousand people said
bread is bread but whale ain't fish how you gonna get it on my dish
I don't know Beegeesus said let's eat something else instead


Beegeesus and Belsebubblegum are money takers
the cheapest kind of holy rollercoaster bookie makers
so Judas kiss my ass goodbye and leave your sins behind
Beegeesus please do something good and pass me down the wine


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