Clawfinger - Blame


Текст песни Clawfinger - Blame

Don't give me that crap cos' I'm not all ears,
I won't fall for your cries or your crocodile tears
Your stupid statements or your lousy lies,
Cos' I can see it was you from the look in your eyes

From the way that you move to the things you say,
It doesn't matter what you do you give yourself away
but you refuse to admit you don't want to be wrong,
So you say that it was me when you know that it was you all along

You can blame who you want but you can't blame me
You can blame who you want but you can't blame me
You can say what you want but you can't phase me
You can blame who you want but you can't blame me

Everytime you show up you always bring bad news
and you try to make it seem as if I stand accused
without the evidence god knows who's right
So if you don't know what you're talking about
then keep your lips sealed tight


I've had enough of this shit I think I'm through with you
I've heard enough of your lies to know that they're not true
So why don't you crawl back to where you once came from
Cos' this time I know I'm right and that means you're wrong


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