Clawfinger - Crazy


Текст песни Clawfinger - Crazy

I think I'm going crazy I loosing my mind
'cos the logic of the story is impossible to find
Like a talking head I'm gonna making sense
'cos bad news is like sitting on a burning fence
I've got one hot minute of the ground
and like Simon said I know the silence is the sound
nevermind I'll reach Nirvana if I have to pay
I'm a fool for a lifetime and a king for a day

Crazy I'm going fucking crazy
Crazy I'm going fucking crazy

I am looser looking for the gold
but in the garden of sound you know the story's getting old

so I'll sow my korn by the Helmet in the Bush
and in the meantime I want you all to help me push
with the Tool of intolerance I'm ready to crack
'cos I've got Suicidal Tendencies so lets get
and take a rollercoaster ride to the bizarre side

I'm insane in the brain like a lonely tune
and I'll see you on the dark side of the moon
I'm the man in the box locked up in chains
and I'm buried deep down underneath the remains
I'm a psycho-maniac, welcome to my nightmare
I'll use your brain like chemical warfare
I'm out of mind let's count the bodies from dead

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