Clawfinger - I Don't Care

I Don't CareClawfinger3:11

Текст песни Clawfinger - I Don't Care

you're all so fucking hostile you're all so fucking mean
with your triple K complexion screaming keep our country clean
with your triple K superior picknick and your burning cross parade
you're all dressed up in white boys you're real American made
hypocrite that's the name you wear
but I really don't care what you say
no bullshit you're so full of it
it comes out of your mouth everyday
I don't care what you say I don't care what you say
you want to be somebody special so you take it to the extreme
waste a jew a black or two and wipe their race out clean
you practice on a target but your guns still full of lead
you hunt them down ten on one and you aim to hit the head
repulsive you really make me hate all the things you deny and you fake
primitive you show no respect for all the lives you take and forsake
I don't care.....
your mouths are so enormous and your dicks are just so small
you're just to dumb to realize you ain't got no brains at all
there ain't nothing in your deadheads that I could ever even understand

and you've still got the guts to tell us all that we should join the klan
I truly believe you're deaf dumb and blind
I believe you're unable to look
I truly believe you're really out of your mind take a look in the history book
I don't care.....
Zak Tell, Jocke Skog, Erlend Ottem, Bard Torstensen.
Bass: Andre Skaug, Drums: Morten Skaug.
Compiled by: LSlasher
Released by: SLT

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