Clawfinger - I Guess I'll Never Know

I Guess I'll Never KnowClawfinger4:53

Текст песни Clawfinger - I Guess I'll Never Know

After all these precious years you chose to just give in
Why did you leave so many things undone
I only scratched the surface of the thoughts you had within
and for me your life had just begun
Why did you think that you were never good enough to give
when you accepted me right from the start
I never saw the side of you that didn't want to live
and I miss you from the bottom of my heart
What was it that you never told a soul about yourself
what kind of thoughts were buried inside
was there really no one there you thought would understand
or was the only barrier your pride
with so much love around you I just wish you'd loved yourself
'cos no one here can ever take your place
you were someone special and my words just can't express
how much I miss the warmth of your embrace
Why did you just give in
why did you just give up and let it go
I guess I'll never know

It's hard to see you disappear without a real good bye
there's so many things I wish I'd said
But all the little things you did that made it all worthwhile
meant more than all the tears you ever shed
You always seemed so happy but I guess no one can tell
what goes on inside a persons mind
you loved your children dearly and you did your very best
and someone new like you is hard to find
All the things you went through for your children every day
and all the sacrifices that you made
were worth much more than anything that wealth could ever buy
and now that love can never be repaid
In the end I guess you couldn't take it anymore
so you closed your eyes and swallowed all your pain
I know that you've done the same so many times before
but all the questions in my mind remain

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