Clawfinger - The Best and The Worst

The Best and The WorstClawfinger3:48

Текст песни Clawfinger - The Best and The Worst

18 years since I saw you the first time and I'm still here right next to you
we've had our ups and our fair share of downs that we've both been through
you know I've done wrong but I've tried to be strong and give in to you
if that's what it takes to make everything work out then that's what I'll do
to get through to you

The best and the worst, the last and the first
The love of my life is a blessing and curse

I don't believe that there's more to achieve in this love affair
And I can't just swallow my pride and pretend I'm prepared to be there
If you can't trust me there's no guarantee that I won't disappear
I'm so sick of these mind games, it's time to confront all of our greatest fears

& just be sincere... ....


Every word that I've said has been straight from my heart & ya know that's true
Every road that I've walked down somehow always leads me right back to you
If push comes to shove and I'm forced to fight there's nothing that I won't do
Come sunshine come rain, come pleasure come pain, half of me belongs to you
And I depend on you


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