Clawfinger - Three Good Riffs

Текст песни Clawfinger - Three Good Riffs

Another rock'n'roll song so go ahead and sing along
it doesn't really matter if you get the words wrong
the same stuff has been said since way back in the time
so sing it to me one more time

Spread your legs and throw your hands in the air
and wave them around like you really don't care
cos' we don't give a damn we just want another hit
a bit of money in the bank so we can buy more shit
It's not about devotion it's just paying the rent
we've got to write some more songs cos' all the money's spent
you need three good riffs and a catchy hookline "I LOVE ROCK'N'ROLL"
It's easy to remember so we sing it all the time

I see heavy metal thunder rock'n'roll through the night
so don't forget to wear your leather pants real tight
If you want to be a rebel well that's what you are

that's all it takes to make another fake rock'n'roll star, rock'n'roll
star, that's what you are!

Wooooaaaaahh. yeaahheeey, yeah, yeah. come on waah waaahaaayaaayah
wow waah yeeahh.
wooaaaw wooawooa wooooaaaww wwooaaayeahhhh wwooooa

Tonight live on stage,all the way from far away,the one and only once in a lifetime experience
Do you wan't to see the bombs explode?yeah! Do you want to hear the guitars explode? yeah!
I said do you want to hear the guitars

explooooooooooooooode? yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! ..solo

three good riffs and a catchy hookline
easy to remember so we sing it all the time...

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