Coheed And Cambria - God Send Conspirator

Текст песни Coheed And Cambria - God Send Conspirator

hold in your last breath and stare
assure me your metronome left arm stick shift is stuck on the right words in your ear
could you hear me loud and clear? in sight and out of mind
cautiously avoiding the cracks not to disturb your steadied arm straight line
the facts before a climb... a plan before a crime
tired in the days that passed away
sporadically arranged across your floor when you've got it made...

dear mariah, the worlds not big enough for the both of us when we live in the same town
fight on fire burn my hands till i got nothing left to count my numbers on

your wise ass comments could cheer you up
the emotional disturbance relax deep breathe sit back from the space in which you stand
here and in demand don't touch a fresh wound that bleeds
all over you carpets the stains the story book remains and the page that states you've tied

accept and then reply acknowledge the other guy, tired in the days that pasted away
sporadically arragned across the floor when you've got it made

don't change your mind when alls been won
your words in time with the loss that you'd let them go
don't let them fall if your grips not strong
in time decide... with the words you should let them go

dear mariah come sleep in your own bed
when eye meets eye be calm
will lie here alone locked the children in the floor
who sat me down here?
your dreams can't last forever

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