Coolio - A Thing Goin On

Текст песни Coolio - A Thing Goin On

We meet every single day at the same old place
at the same old time
with the same state of mind
me and her together but we know it ain't forever
we just happy for the time
the weed and the wine
the walks in the park, escapades in the dark
we knew how it had to be right
from the very start coz
I got obligations and she's in the situation
that she came to state, so this is our fate
holding hands, a smile, a glimpse
a kiss and a dance but we can't take a chance on
gettin caught
so we stick to a plan coz
we both got another and they wouldn't understand it
me and Mrs Jones have a thing going on
I wouldn't call it love but it damn sure strong
it ain't about doin' dirt
or living like a flirt
but what they don't know don't hurt
me and Mrs Jones


Me and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones Mrs Jones Mrs Jones
Me and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones Mrs Jones Mrs Jones

The very first time I met her I
saw her from across the room
and just when we be both but can't consume
by the thought
of she and I being together so I
headed in her direction for some closer inspection
I intentionally brushed her hand her
skin had a satin touch
the feeling she gave me was
more than I could measure and
right away I
knew I had to have her with me
if not with me then maybe just to hit me
she got ten point skill and percision in the walk
and the way that she talk
make my mouth turn to chalk
she give me everything that I don't get at home
and it seems like I'm a man coz her's is always gone, now

tell me what love got to do with it
No coz we both feel good when we kickin' it
some might say that I'm and should leave her alone
but me and Mrs Jones got a thang goin' on


Me and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones Mrs Jones Mrs Jones
Me and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones Mrs Jones Mrs Jones

It's been about a year since we've been seeing eachother
and we're a whole lot more than just part time lovers
coz when I got a problem she do everything she can to solve 'em
but her life is not revolved around how revolving
I'm the Shaka Zulu and she's my fantasie, but
deep down inside we know that we can never be
any more than what we are, a phone call in the car
bite to eat, with a movie and a drink at the bar
when all of a sudden right out of the blue my
ladie got a clue on
what what we was up to and
wait a minute, damn
from what I understand
It seems that my woman's been talking to her man
since we both in love with the people at home
it looks like, we just gone have to leave it alone
coz I got a woman and she got a man so
that's how it goes, and that's how it is


Me and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Jones
[We had a thang goin']
Mrs Jones Mrs Jones Mrs Jones
[We got a thing going on]
Me and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones, oh yeah
We used to meet at the same place
same time
used to sit and talk it over
[We got a thing going on]
talk it over
Me and Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones
Mrs Jones Mrs Jones

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