Cradle Of Filth - Mannequin

MannequinCradle Of Filth4:27

Текст песни Cradle Of Filth - Mannequin

Led to other worlds

By the girls she curled within

I took their skins to see her

Be my mannequin

Be my mannequin

I cannot remember

How it was that we first met

Curve of moon and haunted shore

The stars were not those heaven sent

Did we come together

At masked palatial balls

In silks and flesh and leather

Or did we come at all?

I dreamt a midnight castle

The eerie song of wolves

And eyes that danced with fire

As they have forever more

Our rites of sin

Have long fathered a hymn

To burden him

Whom by slip of after whim

At genesis

Dressed her like the wind

In autumn gowns

That pinned her down

To be my mannequin

Be my mannequin

Always poised on winter

But never would she break

My lovecraft and black witch heart

That pounded in her wake

We kissed on distant balconies

A law unto her own

Thirteenth dark commandment

Of figures pressed to stone

Turning cream with fantasies

That God alone would know

We graced vomitorium

With the sweet excess of rome

Flagrant in the past

Our names were deeply carved on the tree of life in long dead languages

Led to other worlds

By the girls she curled within

I took their skins to see her

Be my mannequin

Be my mannequin

I tongued the nuns at louviers

But not one word possessed

Her divine right, an archetype

For mortal goddesses...

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