Craig David - Body Talkin'

Текст песни Craig David - Body Talkin'

[Verse 1:]
I hear you call my name
But it ain?t words I hear you sayin?
Girl let your body speak loud and clear
I wanna raise the volume up in here

Whisper whisper
Let me take a picture
Silence is golden
We both know what we?re here for
Girl we could dim the lights
Time to get your body right
Make your body sing tonight
And we can harmonize all night
It?s time to open your mouth

I just want to hear your body talkin? (talkin? talkin?)
Girl you ain?t gotta say a word tonight
No I just want your body talkin?
(talkin? talkin?)
No you ain?t gotta say a word tonight
No words tonight

[Verse 2:]
Girl there?s a few things in life to teach ya
Girl there?s a language that you should know
Girl let me simplify the way you think
I could show you girl if you don?t mind



Girl I love it when you scream out loud

Healin? happens when the words come out
Playin? with you like my favorite melody
I want you to know
Girl the only think that I?d allow
Is heavy breathing comin? out ya mouth
You ain?t even gotta speak
Girl just come here

[Rap (Sebastian):]
I got the fresh cologne
I got the chromey chrome
I got something that could get you home
She said she like a man fully grown
Well baby girl lemme switch my tone
So when ya near don?t pinch me up
Or better yet don?t pinch me down
I just wanna hear your body talkin?
Those lips don?t make a sound
We dancin?
She?s askin?
Craig David? Sebastian?
If I stayed at your hotel till the morning
Would you pass me to Jim Beanz?
And I love the fact
How her little buddy be talkin? back like
Get your body on the floor


Shut up
Don?t say nothin?
It?s the greatest hits
Don?t say nothin?

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Craig David - Body Talkin'?

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