Craig David - Can't Be Messing Around

Текст песни Craig David - Can't Be Messing Around

Uh, uh, yeah
Haha, Craig David
It's another one
Gonna make ya, make ya dance to this
Gonna make ya, make ya dance to this
This is how we do it, one time
To the year 2-O-G-1-9-9, c'mon

One day, minding my own business
Girl fall back, won't keep her distance
She was all over me, just won't let it be, oh no
So I said to her
I got a girl at home
It's so hard for me
But you gotta leave me alone
She said she didn't wanna listen to me
Do exactly what she wanted to me, oh baby
I must admit that she was getting to me
Wanted me, wanted me to hold her oh so tightly

Together forever, wherever, whatever
Said she couldn't find nobody better
Wasn't gonna give up on me never, she said
Ooh you look to fly
Everytime you pass me by
I like the way you move your body
Girl, I must admit you givin' me the chills a little bit
You wanna get with me
But girl you know I'm not free

1 - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
C'mon, let me hit it again
C'mon, let me sing it again
Won't pretend
Can't be messing 'round on my girlfriend

Repeat 1

It seems like everyday you wanna be callin' me
And when I step inside, you always follow me
You said that you were really feelin' me
Wearin' that thong, thong, thong, thong that I wanna see

And when you pull it back, you know you're really temptin' me
But I got a girl at home who'll do the same for me
And that's the way that it's gotta be, gotta be
So listen now lady

Ooh, I like your profile
The way you talk, your little smile
But you gotta understand lady
I'm not cheating on my baby
Ooh, you lookin' so fine
But I'm goin' home to my girl tonight
And I'm sorry that we couldn't get it on
But the love from my girl's too strong

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

This love we got be goin'
And you know you got me open
Since the day we started talkin'
You and I have had this special little somethin'
When I wake up in the morning
Girl it would be you I'd be calling
Since I met you, my phone bill be doublin'
But girlfriend, you know that money ain't a thang
You know me, the one and only C-R-A-I-G, c'mon
Now let me deliver this properly
So the world can see that I
Ain't the type of guy
And why should I make my girlfriend cry?
Can't deny the girl I met was real fly
But it's you that puts me on a natural high
So I just walked on by, haha
Sayin' my oh my
I ain't gonna let no other girl start troublin'
Someone like you, you must be jokin'

Repeat 1
Repeat 1
Repeat 1
Repeat 1

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