Craig David - Fill Me In (Part 2)

Текст песни Craig David - Fill Me In (Part 2)

1- Fill me in (well alright)
Let me know whats up baby
Can you fill me in
Let me know whats up

Repeat 1

Late last night
You were chilin with you friends baby
Driving all the god damn guys crazy hey
Now you said would you like
To take me for a ride honey
I said that would be just fine for mr for me (yeah)
You came around and you were willing to drive
But it wasn't enough
I guess you wanted me to come your way
You wanted to ride then told me you wanted to stay no way
Ain't messin with the games you play

Repeat 1-2x

So tonight were goin hit the club baby
Get up get'cha groove on party tonight oooh yeah
So don't you worry I'll be all over your body

Like chocolate over a turkish delight baby
Said you wanted to dance
But then you wouldn't dance but you wanted to play
So slow it down Mr. DJ
I guess thats the reason why you always seem to get your way
Its down to the games you play

Repeat 1-4x

Girl when I'm loving you down
And your making the sounds
OOOh girl I girl I know you like it like it
You make me feel so aroused
Hold down in a crowd
Though I like the way put it on me (yeah)
(let me know whats up baby)
Darlin you like the way that I put it down on you
Said I like the way
(Let me know whats up baby)
(Let me know whats up)

Repeat 1 until end

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