Craig David - Seduction

Текст песни Craig David - Seduction

[Verse 1]
Let me tell you somethin'
This club is bumpin'
And the way I'm feel right now I'm down to get me somethin'
I know you want it, and I ain't frontin'
And the way I feel right now, I'm turn up so I'm going in

It don't matter where I'm from
Ain't about no hit and run
So grab my hand and baby come a little closer
Ain't got time for getting drunk
Cause we both know just what we want
So lets cut the games cause I wanna get to know ya

Let's make this a movie
Cause tonight I wanna take the lead

And baby you can be, co-star
We can call it the seduction

[Verse 2]
I just wanna make it clear
My intentions to get out of here, with you
No exchanging numbers, let's try something new
Cause tomorrow evening, I'll still be with you

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 3]
Your fire, do you like the way I touch you baby
I can't lie, I like the way you lose control
And my God, your [?] baby
Cause tonight girl, we're gonna let the camera roll

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