Crazy Town - Butterfly (hard Rock Remix)

Butterfly (hard Rock Remix)Crazy Town3:35

Текст песни Crazy Town - Butterfly (hard Rock Remix)

CHORUS:Come my ladyCome, come my ladyYou're my butterfly. Sugar, babyCome my ladyCome, come my ladyYou're my butterfly. Suger babyVERSE:Such a sexy, sexy pretty little thingFierce nipple pierce, you got me sprungWith your tongue ringAnd I ain't gonna lieCause your loving gets me highSo to keep you by my sideThere's nothing that I won't tryButterflies in her eyesAnd the looks to killTime is passingAnd I'm asking could this be realCause I can't sleepI can't hold stillThe only thing I really knowIs she got sex appealI can feelToo much is never enoughYou're always there to lift me upWhen these times get roughI was lost. Now I'm foungEver since you've been aroundYou're the woman that I wantSo yo, I'm putting it downPuttin' it downCHORUSI don't deserve youUnless it's some kind of hidden messageTo show me life is preciousThen I guess it's trueTo tell the truth, I really never knew'Til I met youI was lost and confusedTwisted and used upKnew a better life existedBut thought that I missed itMy lifestyle's wildI was living like a wild childTrapped on a short leash paroledThe police filesAnd yo, what's happening now?I see the sun breakingShinning through dark cloudsAnd a vision of youStanding out in the crowdsWas take a chance with meSo, girl whatever tickles your fancyGirl it's me and you like Sid and NancySo sexy...almost evilTalkin' about butterflies in my headI used to think that happy endings Were only in the books I readBut you made me feel aliveWhen I was almost deadYou filled that empty spaceWith the love I used to chaceAnd as far as I can see It don't get better than thisSo, butterfly here is a song and it's sealed with a kiss And a thank you missCHORUS

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