Crazy Town - Special For You

Текст песни Crazy Town - Special For You

Bret 'Epic' Mazur - Crazy Town
Chino Moreno - Deftones
Jay Gordon - Orgy
Aimee Echo - theStart


Welcome, to the black light special, Bitch
Tell em ....
It's not I, but it's to the J, the Chino,
the Epic is comin' in real though
I can't conceal though
That the sequence
No equal denominators comin'
I radiate the sonogram
My ass is covered just like Pakistan
A hexagram, I bet you can't see the plan
I swing on trees
So what's your destiny (yeah)
Look at you disecting me
And can't you tell that this be quantum
You can't break me down
Because i'm already at the bottom
And at the top guess what bitch
It just don't stop
Can even be electromagnetic
I said it
And who's sweating
I tend to perplex
I'm fucking triple X
And there aint nothing next
Maybe the Chino or the capital J
Silence is golden
I got no more to say
Silence is true and that's for real
I don't play
Stop fronting the field
Because i hunt for my meals

Bring it back to the top


Limp neck rested back on the sofa
Lost skin on my knuckles
From hitting ?? with the free flow
Evil verb
Sickle cell ass rhymes
Throwing asses to the curb
Hybrid are fuckin us
Not giving shits
Like a surgeon
Who's giving cuts
Feeling free
??? about to close
Equal to blindness
I throws
Stiff aiming at my angel (my angel)
The first sight of light
It's always so fucking painfull
The end of night
It comes today
Flick off the black light and make it go away
Go away
Go away


No doing wrong
wrong in essence but in actuallity matters fuck
In the mist of bliss i'm chaotic
I feel the need to be a human waste project
Killing time with Chino and Epic
And just in case close
I'm not a dirty girl cause i go hoes that
need my flows that i'm spilling out
for my michelle like axl rose (Rose)
Before a minute back to hard core
much respect ???
Filling up my space
Specialist in overflow (specialist... in overflow)
I'm getting down from the span of the blow
From the black light (black light)
From the black light

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