Crazy Town - Untitled

Текст песни Crazy Town - Untitled

So many people I've seen look at life like a joke,
But then I met you, just when I was losing hope
You appeared in a cloud of smoke,
You don't look like Aaliyah but you're rocking my boat,
So you can take me to a punk-rock paradise,
That's about the time I get lost in your eyes,
Cause I want you, I want what you got,
Just the thought of it is making me hot
So baby don't stop,
I could have you on the bottom and you'd still be on top
Just some dirty little kids in a crib full of sex,
Clawing up the walls, padded from the back to the front
So me and baby girl we get as loud as we want,
I said I love you so much, you dirty little...
I like it when you slap me and you call me a punk
And for the first time I said I feel so alive,
And My whole life has changed before my very eyes
Love is in the air, you're like the answer to my prayers,
All I wanted was a girl that could really take me there,
Now you do, that you do, that you do,
I must have met a million girls but I want you (x2)
And words can't explain the way I feel inside,
You're like my own amusement park and only i can take a ride,
And sex is bitchin cause we come home at night,
Make love, kiss, hug, drink, drug and fight,
And even when I'm wrong my girl will fuck me till I'm right,
Kiss me all over, lick me head from toe,
Fuck maybe when we're over caus I already know,
I must have met a million girls but somethings different about you,
Can't put my finger on one thing it's everything that you do,
I used to see you in the club with your friends,
And you'd pretend that you weren't looking at me, but I was looking at you
I know you look at me see me as a cup and a brew,
Just an everyday playa, good looks, tatoos
But let me explain there's something different bout you,

You judge a book by its cover and you're sure to lose
I must have met a million girls but I want you
Went through a quiz when I met her some sort of a test,
In her blue she's eying me as if I were blessed,
Like her aura trapped me put me under arrest,
Then she slapped me, sentence to life with no contest
A thug bitch, body like heaven I'm talking classy,
20 men breaking their necks, she's walking past me
Went to impress her, started to speak, voice was raspy,
Said she was an angel but sex, she liked it nasty
Hit her off late one night, she's looking tight,
Shorty's sipping her drink to get the vibe just right,
Genuine is in the stereo, finessing the deck,
I put my tongue in her mouth, began caressing her neck,
Body shivering, scared to death I wouldn't impress,
Her body quivering as I put my palm on her chest,
This girl's a treasure, appreciating all that we get,
I'm getting pleasure licking up the small of her back,
Take every measure, had to take all proper precautions,
Every single proportion, more fragile than porceline
She's forcing, a sexual drug and I'm addicted,
Suddenly I'm feeling bubbly, you got me twisted
You're the one, you're the one fly girl,
You're the one, You're the one for me
Said, you're the one, you're the one fly girl,
You're the one, you're the one for me,
That's right
You're the one, you're the one fly girl,
That's right you're the one for me,
You're the one, you're the one fly girl,
That's right you're the one for me,
That's right

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