D-12 - Bring Our Boys

Текст песни D-12 - Bring Our Boys


Your fakeness is atrocious

Post is deep in your hypnosis

Then focus

Roll this

And smoke this

Like ls

Of that bomb-ass herb thats gaurenteed to rock bells

A hiphop refugee like praswell

Travelin citys

Pimpin babblin biddys

Game trump tight and solidified


To get rid of spies

Know what I do to guys

Shootin and spittin lies

Im banished in exisdence

Vanishin any instences

Brandishin sentences

Proovin repentences

The only way to see me, dont miss these

Me and my crew smoke so many trees that

I piss leaves

Never _my bitch please

But keep smokin my system, roll blunts its all tight

On an off night

I still smoke like exaust pipes

And bust a universal flow

And blow your wig back like niggas with toupes

Drivin a convertable

And further more

I run the board

Your shit is played and the way you fell off you coulnt bounce

Back with a bungee cord


Bring your boys in

We can bring the noise in

You dont wanna fuck with dirty dozen

[repeat 4 times]


My crew is like a maze

Put fear like ex-slaves

Who wanna step to this microphone and think that they brave

Dozen always startin the fuckin beef

I dont care if your from kansas Im killin the fuckin chief

Back the fuck up Im releasin my dumb-dumbs

Tell your whore stop pagin me 9 1 1

Im the star

That they call bizarre

Smokin blunts with mel far (? ? )

In my brand new car

_wanna see me

Even if I was in arizona Id still request iced tea

Bizarre dont give a shit about you

On top of the mountain aint nothin your bitch-ass crew

Can do

Sick emcee that they call peter

Treat your crew like an unexpected meter


Fuckin more shit than howard corsell

Butt-fuckin jassabells

In nasty hotels



How you think your crew sound compared to this

Its the team that your entire clique scared to diss

Demandin attention when the glock sound

Yall niggas to be murdered like jeffery daumer on lock down

Im brown like bobby, pullin hoes like whitney

Take your title, kill your moms so you wont forget me

Lips sealed nigga I might blow important plots

Whoever fronts is gettin done like micheal jordans pops

Sure Im number one translator my fame dirty d

Yall niggas gettin hung like this was 1933

Got word of me

Now flee

Cause you dont got a chance

Death is 3 easy steps so now we gotta dance

So look away

Dont play

With the style master

I love killin beef so I kill a whole cow pasture

Lyrically Im sick, ill everything but sober

My nickle plate pack the _ jackin fool get fucked over


Dirty dozen is the clique so I ran over and lit cha

Ripped the ass right out ya pants like a dovermin pincha

Like the cobra and ninja

My intentions to injure

And prevent ya

From enterin from the edge of my center

Or get your muthafuckin pants split at the creases

Fuckin you intelectually givin you menatly sexually transmited diseases

My duty is to keep a strange abard (? ? )

I guard my sector like a saint bernard

And this aint the yard

Bringin the noise like a trigger happy gun slinger

Droppin your whole clique with one finger

Til none linger

Beware of my dogs attackin like a pack of great danes

Chargin like freight trains

Through the great plains


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