Dana Glover - Rayne

Текст песни Dana Glover - Rayne


Rain...Her mother gave her a name on a weary day
24 hours of pain then she gave her away
Into the arms of another family
Into a life of confusion and misery

Rain...day after day in her room where the walls are bare
No dream exist in the eyes of her empty stare
Night after night in her room with no one to care
She lays her head down to cry and whispers a prayer


Oh God there must be some mistake
But no one's ever loved me
I'd like to believe in you and I try
But I'm just so lonely


Rain...she's got a smile in her heart no one's ever seen
She's got a life in her mind and a crave to dream
She walks alone on her way to a secret place
And fills her soul up with tears
Such a silent space

Rain, one tattered shoe on the ledge one in midair
She feels a whisperin' breeze rushing through her hair
She lifts her face to the sky in complete dispair
And cries aloud in the night with her very last prayer


Oh God there must be some mistake
But no one's ever loved me
But if there's something more in my life you can make
Here I am won't you shooowwww me

And then the clouds began to roll...
And the peace replaced her pain....
And on her face and in her soul...
She felt the drops of that same...same...

Pourin' Raaaaiiinnnnnnn

I....I....come on

I need your love to rain down on me


whoah...yeah yeahh...woah yeah ohh yeahhh...

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