Dark Moor - Lovers

LoversDark Moor4:06

Текст песни Dark Moor - Lovers

Underneath the star shine
where the white light glows
Lovers in the skyline
cupid shoots his bow
One promise, true love forever
or one life calmed in wealth
to choose passion or stealth
In my heart, the love is in my heart
The dream beneath the sun
The lovers will be one
The night brings a sweet love caress
a broken feeling possess
my heart in the doubt
that fills my distress
In every soul there is a light
a dream that drives each fate
that just love celebrates
9. Hanged Man
Stopped in the crossroads of my life
Wrapped in the world of eternal strife
I’m looking for the meaning of the universe
searching in myself melody
to drive me to the harmony
I’m hung from my right ankle
but I can see the truth
The secret of the alchemy
rests in my crossed leg dark mystery
What is the price of my soul’s crack?
that one which ties my hands in my back

In my way to the knowledge
I chose the road of sacrifice
I will be fey of secret things
I’ll see the other paradise
I’m head-down
Since life began
The hanged man
the time drowns
smiles Satan
The hanged man
It’s the time to understand
why my clock stop the sand?
My will is the only force
that governs my fate
No religions, no beliefs
if I read the overleaf
of the life book just than
I will see the god’s face
Since life began
The hanged man
Is seeing head-down
how the time drowns
What is the price of my soul’s crack?
that one which ties my hands
in my back

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