Dave Matthews Band - Always (#40)

Текст песни Dave Matthews Band - Always (#40)

Share the time again
I spend with you
A friend is always good to have
But a lover's kiss is better than angels raining down at me
I dream of you at times when your by my side
Dream you're not just like you are
So troubled and doubling my pain
Just one more tear
You shed for me
I wish that I could climb inside your mind
And spend some time and hug and hold you
And mold you into what I'd like
But no I can't do this
Just a kiss to spend a while by you
And your familiar smile and voice

I lay awake
Then you lean back and smiling
On you
Most everything you do for me, I say
And the while let's make our way
And feel warm
In the middle of this storm with you
Like an angel

Oh, what the friends say is good is right
I say
When you were again

And you were my friend
Before the lie
This one
Say yes I do
And with you

But while I do my best
With all the rest I leave to you
Can't wait for the hour
And when two things become this
All this trouble from a kiss from you, I'll do it
And then you come up smiling
And I'm thrown
Into I get a little storm with you, I'll do it

Lover, line up and yeah
The road to you is long and I've been on it for a while
And a need a warm embrace
I'll take a break
And say I want to leave you awake


I feel tired...

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