Dave Matthews Band - Light

Текст песни Dave Matthews Band - Light

Oh searching tired of love
Grown up, now it all falls out
Oh lovely dream of magic prince
Come and swoop you up, swoop you up
But now, no, I just might guess
Man at all, I'll grow up
I came your way
No body so special, will dream us away,
Nobody to sweep you away.

And oh light,
oh light come and lift me up
oh light please come lift me up
oh sweet light come lift me up

when you go down
remember your steps as a baby
remembering how you walked
remember all the sweetest dreamin' you did
while you tick-tack alone.

Now all gone, there's nothing' left
but your dream I wrote in a song
Just like the bent back of an old woman
you know it's all gone and severed alone,
and so I rhyme

So now all your secrets
all look the same as all inside
she feels swallowed up
oh she feels tired as she could
of creepin' will roll us along

But it's all over, oh
it's al alone, solong
oh lucy's alone
sweet lucy loves the way of the world
like the bent back of an old woman

why soon, this way?
why soon, this way?

I came cryin' to you
came upon my knees
beggin' father lift meup please
but no answer came down, oh flower child
just emptiness inside of me.

oh light lift me up, please lift me up
come down and pick me away
forgive me l my of selfish ways
sweet light pick me up frommy misery.

why do I come back to you
the way I do
the way, love, I picture you
the way I picture you

Lift me up from the bottom to the top
lift me up, sweet light
lift me up from the bottom to the top
lift me u, sweet light
lift me up from the bottom to the top
lift me up, sweet light.

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