Dave Matthews Band - Reconcile Our Differences

Текст песни Dave Matthews Band - Reconcile Our Differences

Oh my dear,
When I was dreaming,
I wish you would take your lies elsewhere
Don't give them to me.

Oh my friend,
Old as you are,
How could I trust you as far
As I could throw your brother?

As to you my love,
My precious baby,
If I die be sure that you meet me up
Where I can stay with you.

Take my flesh,
And eat it down
Drink my blood for every pound you can brother.

We reconcile, our differences,
When I saw God and the devil walking on and on.

We reconcile, our different tastes,
When I saw the devil swimming in the Lord's swimming pool.

To drink his wine,
God forgive him,
Your falling angels doing fine
He's got you under boards.

Oh then God,
This dream may be done,
How he had given rise to him what would we care.

If there were no Judas,
Or there were no devil,
Where would God and this little boy be now?
No where I swear.

Oh it's said,
When it seems extreme,
When all we do is reconcile our differences here.

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