Dave Matthews Band - Stay (wasted Time)

Текст песни Dave Matthews Band - Stay (wasted Time)

We were walking
Just the other day
It was so hot outside
You could fry an egg
Remember you were talking
I watched as sweat ran down your face
Reached up and I caught it at your chin
Licked my fingertip
We were we were
Wasting time

Let the hours roll by
Doing nothing for the fun
Little taste of the good life
Whether right or wrong
makes us want to stay, stay, stay, for awhile
Then later on the sun began to fade
Then the clouds rolled over our heads
And it began to rain
Oh we were dancing mouths open
We were splashing and the tongue taste

For a moment this good time would never end
You and me
You and me
Just wasting time
I was kissing you
You were kissing me love
From good day into the moonlight
Now a night so fine
Makes us wanna stay, stay, stay, stay for a while
Wasting time

I shall miss these things
When it all rolls by
What a day
Wanna stay, stay, stay, stay, stay for a while
Hey love
Oh just groping you
Rolling in the mud
Stay a whileCome on love
Wanna stay, stay, stay, stay for awhile

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