David Bowie - Little Bombardier

Текст песни David Bowie - Little Bombardier

War made him a soldier

Little frankie mear

Peace left him a loser

The little bombardier

Lines of worry appeared with age

Unskilled hands that knew no trade

Spent his time in the picture house

The little bombardier

Frankie drank his money

The little that he made

Told his woes to no man

Friendless, lonely days

Then one day, in the abc

Four bright eyes gazed longingly

At the ice-cream in the hand of

The little bombardier

Sunshine entered our frankies days

Gone his worries, his hopeless maze

His life was fun and his heart was full of joy

Two young children had changed his aims

He gave them toffees and played their games

He brought them presents with every coin he made

Then two gentlemen called on him

Asked him for his name

Why was he friends with the children

Were they just a game?

Leave them alone or well get sore

Weve had blokes like you in the station before

The hand of authority said "no more"

To the little bombardier

Packed his bags, his heart in pain

Wiped a tear and caught a train

Not to be seen in the town again

The little bombardier

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