David Bowie - Watch That Man

Текст песни David Bowie - Watch That Man

Shakey threw a party that lasted all night
Everybody drank a lot of something nice
There was an old fashioned band of married men
Looking up to me for encouragement - it was so-so

The ladies looked bad but the music was sad
No one took their eyes off Lorraine
She shimmered and she strolled like a Chicago moll
Her feathers looked better and better - it was so-so

Yea! it was time to unfreeze
When the Reverend Alabaster danced on his knees
Slam! so it wasn't a game
Cracking all the mirrors in shame

Watch that man! Oh honey, watch that man
He talks like a jerk but he could eat you with a fork and spoon
Watch that man! Oh honey, watch that man
He walks like a jerk
But he's only taking care of the room

Must be in tune

A Benny Goodman fan painted holes in his hands
So Shakey hung him up to dry
The pundits were hoking the manholes were smoking
And every bottle battled with the reason why

The girl on the phone wouldn't leave me alone
A throw back from someone's LP
A lemon in a bag played the Tiger Rag
And the bodies on the screen stopped bleeding

Yeah! I was shaking like a leaf
For I couldn't understand the conversation
Yeah! I ran to the street, looking for information


Watch that man (repeat ad inf.)

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