Days - Rip It Up

Текст песни Days - Rip It Up

28, 1982 coming through your speakers,
it features a style like this
rippin it on mic
it's like we're hype
to the old school 80's hard rock
hip hop riff like this
kick it, stick it in a tape player
lickity split rock hard the severe kid
Jedi Jay, damn that boy can play
did you hear that shit?

Everybody rip it up, yo check this style,
go go go go
you know where we're from
so hands up in the sky
go go go go
props go out to 1982
go go go go
we be rockin hard for the whole damn crew
that's you

So don't test this style cause I'm set to snap
don't pack a gun so I don't do gangster rap

I kick it over this riff, I roll a spliff
I lova my son and I'm diggin my family
everybody rip it up, hands up in the sky,
here we go throw it high to the J-I-M-M-Y
Jimmy's rockin on too, because of you
you know the party would suck if it
wasn't for the crew, so


You know that i'm down with doing wrong
I don't give a fuck like hits from the bong
cause i hit that shit when i get home
hilly and a beer stickin out my foam dome
so give me that, give me that
give me that cut
hand me the mic and watch me rip it up
when i bust a little rhyme
and roll a little rock
pumpin the fat lowrider and
cruisin round the block, so

[chorus x2]

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