Days - Say What

Текст песни Days - Say What

Never do we stress cause we're known to rock shit
Decks are in effect and we're going to cock this
Twelve gauge super-fly never had a plan, shit
That's what we do best, that's how we scam shit
We're the two eight dee crew
And we get into the zone and never leave 'til we're through
It's just a test if the rest of the mess can flip a song to bang along to never the less

We're gonna take what they don't deserve
They're gonna hate the fact that we're rockin
And we make another record if we're not number one

And we're motivated by something they could never hope to understand

You see I'm lazy
I like to get funky
I like to let it flow
And swing like a monkey

Say What?

It's like a TV show, here we go
Kickin around a sound that's sounding def
Cos we're sick like Salo
And we're killin all the fake bullshit while they're making hits like we're taking shits
And I'm sick of it
It's clear to me that they don't give a shit what the kids think
Cos I can't tell the difference between Linkin Park and 'Nsync
as long as they get sponsorship from the biggest cola drink
Open up your eyes to the crooked and you don't blink

And I'm motivated by something I don't understand

I'm the man guided by the hand of the force and
Jedi masters on the same plan
Making no sense like the rain man
Underground battles like Vietnam
Cuts so fresh he's - fuck it - you get it
Hit it twice, pass it left then you kick back
Track list this chronic, number one from the finest batch

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