Days - tunnel vision

Текст песни Days - tunnel vision

The year is two double 0 two

Nothing is brand new

Kid Jimmy you know you hear me spittin' lyrics over loops

Close friends used to call me Supes

Mad respect to CI crew

Still rippin' over PFK

So what you gonna do?

Nothing, puffing out my fucking chest

Crims rock the best

Shout out to Mesk for putting run-ups to the test

Dressed for success but we look like some bums

So easy fucking go, not easy fucking come

Tunnel vision won't enhance your view

So think it through

Do it for your self

Everything you read might not be true

So think it through

Do if for yourself

We rock London, Amsterdam, Carrum Downs and Osaka

You don't have to dig my style

So step back fuck ya

And you're getting jealous man

Claiming that it's luck

Ya can't handle it

I don't give a shit you can suck my dick

Say you can smoke me, you probably could

Going down south with your mouth wrapped around my wood

I got you wrapped around my wood

Whoa slow down

I got the low down

On this bigger than Ben Hur sound

That we just lit

So I hit it with a lip

That spits real, in harmony with hits

I can't help it when you shit your pants

I saw you fucking dance

Up and down when the record went number one

Fuming 'cause they're paying for my skills

While we're having fun

Now you're sober

Not drunk from thinking that's it over

Time to face the facts wak - it's only just begun

London, Amsterdam, Carrum Downs and Osaka

You don't have to dig it

Fuck ya

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