Deee-lite - Picnic in the Summertime

Текст песни Deee-lite - Picnic in the Summertime

Walk with me until we find the right spot
Our little excursion picnic in the park
Feet in the grass until it gets dark
That's when I saw the fire flies spark

The pop sickle stick is finally smooth
Hop on a lily pad for the summer groove
Walking arm and arm, so glad you came along
Check out the curly vine
The blanket was too small
But you call me baby doll
I could kiss you all the time

Watchin people have a good time
Watchin people have a good time in the summertime

Flying picnic blanket in the summer groove

No interruptions we're all alone
Cause I don't have my cellular phone
Sweatin your pose, wiggling your toes
Come at me like a panther
Cause you know yes is my answer

My mind is in the dirty making mud pies
The heavy heat stretch opened my eyes
You don't need a subway token
Nature's fee remains unspoken
The sun is shining through the leaves
On the wild flowers in the weeds

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